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About the Founders: An Epic Twelationship

It was a dark and stormy night.

No, wait…

It was a lovely September afternoon – Labor Day weekend, to be exact – when Elizabeth (@happyfish103) and Monica (@the_race_gIRL) met for the very first time at the downtown Scotty’s Brewhouse at a table fittingly located under the sign for the 500 Festival headquarters. Though @happyfish103 thought this first meeting might be awkward and @the_race_gIRL thought there was a chance that, despite her profile picture, happyfish might turn out to be a creepy 60-year-old man, the two women hardly felt like strangers. In a sense, they’d already met before and had talked many times – on Twitter.

Their friendship quickly grew, and they soon made plans to attend the season finale race at Homestead in Miami together. There, with a suitcase full of dreams and bricks, inspired by witnessing an unspeakable tragedy at Cheesecake Factory, they began the epic journey towards their first epic idea.

While traveling back to Indy, the two started to come to terms with the fact that the 2009 season was over. Without any races until March 2010, they would be forced to focus on the less interesting things in their lives like work, family, and friends. Something had to be done.

They recalled the Tweetup they’d been to the day before, hosted by Pat Caporali and her crew at Vision Racing. They imagined how great it would be if there was a Tweetup during the offseason to get them, and fans like them, through that bleak time in their lives. Maybe they could even organize it themselves. A single ray of light shone down upon them, and the Winter Indy Tweetup 2009 was created.

And it was epic.

Thanks to the great success of the Winter Indy Tweetup, and the great fun had by everyone there, the next logical step was to plan an even more epic event for the big show: The Indianapolis 500. And so began plans for the May Indy Tweetup 2010.

And now, here we are, a year (and WIT 2010) later and working hard to bring another fun Tweetup to the IndyCar Nation yet again.

Hope to see YOU at the MIT!


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